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Welcome to Brownsdale Auto Body

We Will Take Care of You

Being in an accident is stressful enough on you and your
family. Trust Brownsdale Auto Body to restore your vehicle
after and accident. While we work with all insurance
companies, more importantly, we work for you! Our main
interest is quality, performance, safety, and
longevity of your vehicle. At Brownsdale Auto Body,
"We Care About You and Your Car!"

Our Commitment to Quality

Satisfaction GuaranteeOnce your vehicle is placed in our trust, Brownsdale Auto Body will be your advocate. We will repair your car with the latest technologies, performed by certified technicians who receive ongoing training. We guarantee our workmanship for the lifetime of your vehicle. We're Committed to You!

Enterprise RentalWe can assist you with your rental needs.

Caring for the Environment

Brownsdale Auto Body is committing to reduce its Envirobase Performancecarbon footprint. We have recently switched to ENVIROBASE HIGH PERFORMANCE coatings, environmentally friendly refinish products with the latest advances in waterborne technology. PPG has proven to be the best waterborne paint system on the market, meeting the highest standards and backed by a lifetime warranty.