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Brownsdale Auto Body Collision RepairBrownsdale Auto Body offers complete collision services. We work on all makes and models.
Below are some of the services we offer.

  • Estimating/Blueprinting
  • Body Repair
  • Unibody/Frame Straightening
  • Safety Restraints Replacement
  • Spot Resistance Welding
  • Mig Welding
  • Bumper/Plastic Repair
  • Suspension
  • AC Service
  • 3-D Measuring/Frame Analyzing
  • Glass Service
  • Refinishing
  • Domestic VehiclesBrownsdale Auto Body Collision Repair
  • Foreign Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles












Structural repairs are getting more complex using advanced high strength steel (AHSS) in the unibody and frame construction. AHSS is stronger and thinner than mild/standard steel, allowing significant weight savings in overall vehicle weight. These steels are able to absorb more collision energy than standard steels. The industry standard to repair mild steel will no longer apply to today"s vehicles. Brownsdale Auto Body has invested in equipment such as 3phase 800HF Inverter Spot Resistance Welder and training along with certifications required to keep current with today's Advanced High Strength Steels. All vehicles are repaired to the Auto manufacturers' recommendations and procedures.

Brownsdale Auto Body Structural RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Structural RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Structural Repair


Minor Damage? No problem! Some repairs such as Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR), Bumper Repairs/Replacement, Scratch Removal, Headlamp Restoration, and other services can be done in a work day.

Brownsdale Auto Body Dent RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Dent Repair


Brownsdale Auto Body-We've Gone Green

The paint match is the first thing people see. A proper paint match should not be seen at all! Brownsdale Auto Body is a PPG Certified Repair Center along with ASE Refinish and I-Car Refinish Certifications. We house a computerized paint mix and matching system and test match every vehicle color on a spray out panel. At that point we compare the color to your vehicle. If it is not satisfactory, we will tint or move to a variation color, continuing to test until we achieve an undetectable paint alignment. We use Envirobase HP Waterborne technology which is backed with a lifetime warranty.

Brownsdale Auto Body is compliant with the EPA 6H rule and renews Hazard Waste Permits annually with the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

Brownsdale Auto Body Paint RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Paint Repair



Brownsdale Auto Body offers Pre-Purchase and Post-Repair Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspection- This inspection is recommended before you buy the vehicle to check to see if the vehicle has been previously repaired and if there are any cosmetic, structural or safety concerns.

Post-Repair Inspection- This inspection is for vehicles that have been repaired and you have concerns about the quality and the structural integrity of the repairs performed.

Brownsdale Auto Body InspectionsBrownsdale Auto Body Inspections



Brownsdale Auto Body Glass ReplacementIf your vehicle needs a glass replacement we have a combination of both in-house and we also work with certified mobile glass companies to ensure you get a quality replacement since glass plays an important role of the structural construction and safety. Brownsdale Auto Body will bill your insurance companies direct if your vehicle has full glass coverage. In most cases there is no out of pocket expense to the vehicle owner.






Brownsdale Auto Body performs mechanical services related to collision repair. Our technicians are tested through Automotive Service of Excellence (ASE)

  • Suspension/Struts
  • AC Evacuate/Recovery
  • Air Bag/Safety Restraints System
  • Cooling Systems (Engine, Transmission, Power Steering)
  • Electrical
  • Exhaust

Brownsdale Auto Body Collision RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Collision RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Collision Repair


Brownsdale Auto Body Rental CarEnterprise Rent a Car

Brownsdale Auto Body can assist you with setting up with a rental car. We work with Enterprise. If you have rental coverage or you are a claimant, call us and we will set up a reservation to have an Enterprise representative bring a car to our location when you bring your car in for repairs. When we a have completed the repairs on your car, simply drop off the rental. This service will be directly billed to the insurance company with no cost to you.



Brownsdale Auto Body TowingHave your vehicle towed directly to Brownsdale Auto Body or give us a call. We work with several towing companies in the area and will be glad to assist you. Most insurance companies cover the cost of tow to the facility of your choice within a reasonable distance. Do not accept the insurance company to tow your vehicle to their nearest repair facility! Have it towed to us, we'll take it from there!