Repair Process


Vehicles with lighter damage which is low in severity can usually be processed without a disassembly. We can do a visual estimate and then schedule for repairs.

  • Brownsdale Auto Body Car RepairEstimate/Damage Analyst
  • Owner Consultation/Owners Authorization
  • Insurance Approval
  • Expedite Parts Order
  • Confirm/Inspect Parts
  • Schedule for Repairs/Line Up Rental
  • Vehicle Walk Around/Check In/ Target Completion Date Confirmed
  • Pre Cleanup of Vehicle
  • Disassembly
  • Body Repair
  • Refinish
  • Reassemble
  • Final Inspection
  • Final Detailing
  • Complete Ready for Deliver


Brownsdale Auto Body has a repair process that eliminates the guess work on vehicles that fall into the medium to moderate damages category. This process usually requires a disassembly to locate indirect damages that have occurred in an accident. This requires more time up front, while reducing the overall time your vehicle is in the shop.

  • Brownsdale Auto Body Car RepairOwner Authorization
  • Vehicle Walk Around/Check In/Rental Exchanged
  • Insurance Notification
  • Pre Clean Up of Vehicle
  • Complete Disassembly
  • Structure Repairs/Frame 3-D Measuring (Establish Repair VS Replace Decisions)
  • Estimate/Damage Analyst (Blueprinting)
  • Insurance Approval
  • Target Completion Date Confirmed
  • Expedite Parts
  • Parts Check In and Inspected for Quality
  • Body Repair Process
  • Refinish Process
  • Reassembly
  • Final Quality Inspection
  • Final Detailing
  • Insurance Final Invoice Billing
  • Complete Ready for Delivery


The decision of a vehicle becoming a total loss is determined with thresholds set by retail values. Some vehicles will require a Damage Analyst to determine total loss in the medium/moderate process. This may reach threshold. A visual inspection can be done on severely damaged vehicles to determine repair options.

  • Vehicle Drop Off/Check In/Walk Around
  • Owner Authorizing
  • Visual Inspection Determine Severity
  • Owner Consultation/Remove all Personal Items
  • Determine Conditions of Vehicle
  • Retrieve Receipts for New Items Replaced (Tires Engine Transmission Ect.)
  • Hold Vehicle On Owners Behalf Until Compensated
  • Owners Authorization for Release for Salvage
  • Vehicle Released

Brownsdale Auto Body Car RepairBrownsdale Auto Body Car Repair