Frequently Asked Questions

Q   Do I need more than one estimate?

A  No. In MN you only need one estimate and you choose where you want the repairs done. Brownsdale Auto Body will work directly with the insurance company handling the claim.

Brownsdale Auto Body- Frequently Asked QuestionsQ  My insurance company says Brownsdale Auto Body is not on their list and they will not guarantee repairs and the claims process will be delayed if I don’t go to one of their contracted shops can the insurance company tell me where have my to repairs done?

A   No. This is called STEERING. An insurance company cannot require you to go to a specific shop. You have the right to choose the shop of your choice. Minnesota has passed a law in 2005 to protect you. All insurance companies conducting business in the state must honor YOUR CHOICE.  

Q  I already have an estimate from the insurance claims representative what next?

A  The estimate you received is generally a starting point. Brownsdale Auto Body will use the insurance estimate mainly for administrative information. Brownsdale Auto Body will then inspect and disassemble for a complete Damage repair analyst using manufactures recommended guidelines. If there are any concerns Brownsdale Auto Body will directly work with the claim representative to correctly repair your vehicle to it pre accident condition.

Q  Are the repairs performed on my vehicle guaranteed?

A  Yes. All repairs are performed by certified and experienced professionals at Brownsdale Auto Body. We will provide the proper warranties at the completion of repairs.

Q  How long will my vehicle take to repair?

A  Brownsdale Auto Body will do its best to keep the repair process moving in a timely manner. On occasions, we may have to wait for insurance approval or parts delays that are beyond our control. In the repair process there are procedures that should not be rushed. We input more time and energy in the repair process than the industry standard allows us. At Brownsdale Auto Body we don’t always agree a fast repair is a good repair and may need a little more time.

Q   What if my vehicle is not drivable?

A  Have it towed directly to Brownsdale Auto Body or call us and we will make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to our facility. We work with several towing companies in the surrounding area.

  Q  Can Brownsdale Auto Body set me up in a rental car?

A   Yes. Contact Brownsdale Auto Body if you need a rental car and we will assist you. We work with rental companies in the surrounding area. We will set up the rental company to do all the administrative work in our location at the time you drop off your vehicle for repairs. 

Q  Who do I pay my deductable to?

A  The amount of deductable is determined by you and your insurance company. It is your responsibility to pay the deductable. You can pay the deductable either at the point of drop off or when you pick up your vehicle when the repairs are complete.

Q  Can you save or bury my deductable?

A  No. Conspiring to bury your deductable is insurance fraud and against the law. Insurance companies and claims representatives monitor the cost of repairs being done and cannot be fooled by inflated prices. If the repair facility agrees to bury the deductable, it has no choice to take short cuts and cover up damages. This may include safety and drivability issues. Keep in mind a repair facility that will cheat an insurance company will have to cheat the customer to. An Honest shop will always say no

Q  I have a newer vehicle  under factory warranty can Brownsdale Auto Body repair my vehicle to Factory Standards so my warranty will not be affected ?

A  Yes. At Brownsdale Auto Body we  keep up on all the latest technologies and have access to all Factory recommendations and procedures. We use new original OE parts so your Factory  warranty will not have any negative Impact.

Q  My insurance company wants me to accept aftermarket parts. Do I have choice?

A  Yes If parts are being replaced on your damaged vehicle  your insurance company is required to pay for original equipment parts  (OE)  unless if you agree to aftermarket parts . Brownsdale Auto Body recommends original equipment (OE) parts for fit, performance and safety.

Q My insurance company wants to put used parts on my car is this acceptable?

A Depending on the year of your vehicle some used parts such as bolted on body panel’s, wheels ,and mechanical parts are accepted. Brownsdale Auto Body purchases used parts only from Gold Seal Providers/Recyclers that inspect and grade parts. We only accept grade A /000 parts that are in good condition and backed with a warranty from the Recycler. When these parts arrive we inspect these parts for damage or prior repairs. If these parts are unacceptable or misrepresented, the parts are returned.